Fiji – Cakaudrove

Epithermal gold prospect with a greenfield level of exploration   (100% owned)

Since acquiring the tenement in January 2012, Geopacific has identified serveral areas of interest from the various geophysical and historic exploration data sets covering the tenement. Two main targets were identified (Dakuniba and Crossroads prospects) and initial first-pass exploration commenced in 2012.

A detailed stream sediment programme was completed covering approximately 30sq km of the Cakaudrove project were previous ZTEM geophysical surveys conducted by the company have detected deep seated anomalies compatible with porphry copper-gold mineralisation.  A total of 438 locations were sampled over the Dakuniba and Crossroads prospect areas.

Results for the steam sediment sampling programme identified several geochemical anomalies worthy of follow up exploration. Four geochemically different anomalous areas were identified as shown below:


  • A 5km long linear zone of elevated Au, Ag, As, Ba, Mo and Sb, which corresponds to and extends know vein-type gold-silver mineralisation in the Dakuniba vein trend
  • A 4km x 2km oval shaped zone of anomalous Cu, Zn, Mo, Hg and Ba, which corresponds to a strong ZTEM conductive anomaly.
  • A 1.5km x 1km zone of strong Bi, Te and Mo anomalism, which lies directly above a strong deep seated ZTEM resistive anomaly.
  • The Crossroads prospect, comprising elevations in Cu and Mo with a surrounding Zn anomaly. Zinc forms a negative anomaly within the Cu-Mo anomaly.

With the exception of the Dakuniba vein system, the geological causes of the other anomalous areas are not yet understood.