Cambodia is one of the most business friendly countries in the region and represents an extremely attractive investment destination with:

  • Stable politics the last 30 years with a pro- development and democratic government
  • Strong government support in foreign investment, particularly in mining and exploration
  • Resource rich geology
  • Accessible & mineable topography
  • A dollarised economy
  • Rapidly growing modern society
  • Motivated and available labour force

With a Population of approximately 15 million and a  steady GDP growth of 6-7% per year, it is one of the strongest performing and fastest growing economies in Asia.

Cambodia Map

The country has an emerging mining and exploration industry which remains relatively unexplored. The Cambodian Government aim to uncover and realise the value of the country’s potential world class mineral value. Their strategy is to create a supportive and favourable investment environment, particularly in the mining sector, to attract foreign investment. The country has seen significant growth in gold exploration since the law on foreign investment was enforced in 2004.

  • Cambodia’s Department of Industry, Mines and Energy
  • Western Australian styled Minerals law
  • 100% foreign ownership of projects